Zach Mason
Washington, DC


Zach Mason is a Washington, DC comedy writer and performer who has studied improv and sketch under Annie Barry, JC Calcerano, Ali Farahnakian, Kevin Mullaney, and many more. He was on the Washington Improv Theater (WIT) Harold team Diviglio. He is also a founding member of the indie troupes BOOKS, CoCo, and Helper Pony. Zach has performed in New York as part of the Del Close Marathon and at the Kennedy Center as part of WIT’s Unpaged to Stage show.  He currently hosts the podcast Like Yes and is the co-director―with Lura Barber―of the WIT special project show In Lieu of Flowers.

comics / graphic design / illustration / interviews / layout

Zach Mason is a comics creator known for his self-published Emotional Distance series and work for Comics Workbook and Jeans. Zach was also the Designer and co-Editor―with Andrew White―of Comics Workbook Magazine and has appeared at shows such as Comic Arts Brooklyn (CAB), Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), and Small Press Expo (SPX).

noise music / performance art

Zach Mason created the Soft Pieces project to join organic, improvisational performance with the versatility of modern tools, pairing spectacle with subtlety to―hopefully―create a memorable experience for each audience member. Soft Pieces has shared bills with performers as diverse as Blevin Blectum, Caustic Castle, Tim Hecker, Jandek, Matmos, and Reuben Radding. For more information, please see softpieces.com.